About us

We are a privately owned, doctor-led service, providing safe and comfortable micro-suctioning procedures. Our team of experienced Doctors uses specialized equipment to ensure the highest care.

About our services

An image can speak volumes. At Sonus Ear Clinic, we employ cutting-edge ENT microscope technology, making even the tiniest details and subtlest structures crystal clear.

This superior visibility allows us to capture bright, high-contrast, true-color images, enhancing our medical staff's ability to detect the minutest details, thus guaranteeing exceptional service delivery.

Moreover, we offer our clients the unique opportunity to view the interiors of their own ears and monitor the procedure in real-time on a stand-mounted display.

Located in Ponsonby Doctors

Sonus Ear Clinic is committed to providing a holistic service that allows for your ears to be examined, cleaned, and treated all within a single visit. In some instances, you may need a referral back to your doctor for further treatment. We are proudly affiliated with Ponsonby Doctors, ensuring specialized care is available as needed.

Our affordable services include ear wax removal, treatment for ear aches and weepy ears, alleviation of blocked ears, removal of foreign bodies & insects from the ear canal, as well as providing solutions for infections and offering advice for flying and diving concerns.

Please note that as a private entity, a fee will be charged for your appointment.

Cancellation policy

We understand that sometimes you may have to change or cancel your appointment.  Kindly notify us of any changes or cancellation at least 24 hours prior if possible, ideally directly via the link sent in the booking confirmation email; or phone call.

This frees up a slot for another patient to be seen.
We thank you for your understanding.

Cancellations within 24 hours prior to the appointment will incur a 50% fee. Cancellations within 3 hours prior to appointment or no-shows will incur the full appointment fee. An invoice will be sent in due course.